14 new ISTO members from Africa, the Americas and Europe
27 Aug 2020

14 new ISTO members from Africa, the Americas and Europe.

ISTO is happy to present 14 new members that have joined the Organisation since the last General Assembly in October 2019 in Paris. 5 come from Africa, 5 from the Americas and 4 from Europe.

Logo Batoufam

Batoufam Tourisme et Loisirs - Cameroon

The Ecoresponsible and Solidary Tourist Complex of the Kingdom of Batoufam (Cameroon) carries out various activities: creation of a unique open-air museum, presence in the village of a blacksmith who produces objects dedicated to agriculture, sculpture, cooking, hunting, as well as ritual and initiatory objects. Tourists also have the opportunity to visit craftsmen weaving raffia bamboo, specializing in the manufacture of various objects and furniture in this increasingly popular material.

In terms of accommodation, Batoufam has set up guest huts within the Royal Palace, allowing visitors to stay and sleep on site, in total immersion in the life of the community.
The Batoufam kingdom also welcomes students from other countries.

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Logo Oaxtepec

Centro Vacacional IMSS Oaxtepec - Mexico

Oaxtepec, a beautiful tourist complex with a subtropical climate and exuberant vegetation, combined with a warm relaxing atmosphere just 97 km from Mexico City. Thought as the most complete recreational center, Oaxtepec offers a wide range of entertainment for families.

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Logo Baja California Center

Centro Metropolitano de Convenciones Tijuana-Playas de Rosarito-Tecate - Mexico

The Centro Metropolitano de Convenciones Tijuana-Playas de Rosarito-Tecate is a center of conventions that, in addition to dealing with fairs, congresses and meetings of all kinds and for various clients, has a Sustainable Social Tourism Program, a tool composed of different strategies and actions aimed at contributing to the strengthening of the social fabric as well as the identification and appropriation of their spaces by the citizens of neighbouring municipalities, fully inclusive.

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Instituto Nicaragüense de turismo INTUR - Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism is the official body in charge of tourism policies at the national level. national. Within the framework of these functions, INTUR promotes, develops and increases tourism in the country, according to a model of sustainable economic development. Tourism stands out within the National Plan Human Development as part of the productive and economic growth strategy, because of its contribution to employment creation, foreign exchange generation, poverty reduction and improvement of the quality of life. INTUR promotes Nicaragua as a national and international tourist destination international, promoting responsible, sustainable, inclusive and accessible tourism for all.

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Logo Interrias

Viajes Interrías - Spain

Viajes Interrías is a receptive wholesaler with more than 30 years of experience, specialized in Spain, Portugal, Lourdes and Andorra. They contract directly in destination all type of services: hotels, restaurants, own fleet of coaches, transfers, official guides, entrances, etc. Interrías offers the best options, taking the utmost care of our clients, adapting to their needs and the characteristics of their culture. Product: groups on demand, circuits with guaranteed departure, Camino de Santiago, Incoming Department to Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Central Europe. Dept. outgoing from Spain and Portugal to Europe and Morocco. Department of special events, contests, sports events.

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Réseau malien pour le tourisme responsable et durable REMATOURD - Mali

The association tries to raise awareness of the need to preserve Mali's natural and cultural heritage and to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and its functions through the protection and even restoration of ecosystems.

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logo FUAJ
Auberges de jeunesse de Charente Maritime - France
Charente Maritime Youth Hostels host more than 50,000 overnight stays (50 % group and 50 % individual) and more than 35,000 meals (mainly groups) every year. It is one of the most important structures in the provinces. The mix of people welcomed reinforces the Youth Hostel project and makes it a space for exchanges (local, departmental, national and international) for the benefit of all.

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logo CEGO

Center for Environmental Governance – CEGO - Ghana

CEGO seeks to build bridges of understanding by: Ensuring the continued provision of ecosystem services, market and responds to opportunities for biodiversity and ecosystem management. Improving the welfare of local communities through biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and to increase their knowledge, attitude and cultural awareness. Promoting cross- cultural education in Ghana and abroad. Cooperating and collaborating with other institutions and bodies by upholding to improve our environment. Unearthing and developing the leadership traits and qualities of all our participants and to make them self- reliant. Promoting financial and technical self - sufficiency through income- generation and appropriate skills transfer.

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logo Criterio Consultores

Criterio Consultores E.I.R.L. - Peru

Criterio Consultores develops 3 axes oriented to improve the public policy both to central and local governments, institutions, academia and private sector linked to tourism activity and related, building tools that support decision making in tourism to our client. These are: - Tourism planning and development - Tourism studies and research - Training and technical assistance.

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Excelia Group - La Rochelle Tourism and Hospitality School - France

La Rochelle Tourism and Hospitality School offers courses from Baccalaureate to Bac + 5 which aim to train students in tourism, hotel, leisure and events activities. The school has a strong international dimension which is essential in this sector of activity.

La Rochelle Tourism and Hopitality School works on 2 specific research areas: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Tourism Management.

Social and sustainable tourism are strong pillars on which the training programmes have been built. The commitment of the Group and LRTHS is part of a system of values that it wishes to promote to all students and which the students themselves undertake to respect from the moment they arrive at the school and after they leave: Respect, tolerance and consideration; Commitment and responsibility; Openness to the world and to others; Honesty and integrity; Team spirit and solidarity.

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logo mahay expédition

MahayExpédition - Madagascar

The MahayExpédition agency is a committed Tour Operator as shown by its trophy received during the first sustainable travel awards organized in November 2019 in France. Certain that tourism is a real vector of development in Madagascar, the MahayExpédition agency proposes several travel themes but likes to emphasize that the creation of each trip is thought out so that all respect the values of sustainable and responsible tourism.

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PREDIF - Representativa Estatal de Personas con Discapacidad Física y orgánica - Spain

Since 2002, PREDIF has been developing an Inclusive Tourism programme through which it works on awareness, training, consultancy and research on accessibility and attention to the public with diverse needs in tourism and leisure, in collaboration with public entities, foundations and private companies in the sector.

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Red Costarricense de Turismo Accesible - Costa Rica

Non-profit association working towards the realization of a Costa Rica for all, with 3 fundamental pillars:
1. Inform: to make known the country's tourist services, which are accessible through an online directory.
2. Verify: technical visit and review of accessibility. Subsequently, an improvement plan is provided and if followed then a "validated" stamp appears in the online directory.
3. Educate: conferences, seminars, webinars... to position accessible tourism as an important market segment, as well as workshops on customer service, attention to people with disabilities, correct language, inclusion, accessibility...)

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logo Vision Solidaire International

Vision Solidaire International - Burkina Faso

The association Vision Solidaire International aims to encourage the solidarity and sustainable development of tourism and increase its contribution to socio-economic development and poverty reduction in rural areas and to promote international volunteering, which remains a powerful factor of mutual aid and union of people.

VS-International's target groups in rural areas are women's groups, young people in difficulty or in a situation of failure, as well as students in technical courses.

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