ISTO Africa.

ISTO opened a section for Africa in 2004.
ISTO Africa promotes social, sustainable and solidarity tourism on the African continent.


ISTO Africa seeks to represent social tourism on the continent through actions and projects.


The purpose of ISTO Africa is to promote social tourism on the African continent, to help solve problems and to carry out actions in line with ISTO's projects and programmes of interest. It also aims to support and advise regional members and to facilitate their co-operation and mutual assistance.


The main task of the section is advocacy and, in Benin, the assessment of the possibility to mobilise Beninese employers to actively participate in financing vacations for their staff.
A project for the creation of a training centre is being explored with Tourism for Help (a Swiss organisation) with the aim of training 160 people in three years.


The activities are managed by the ISTO Africa Coordinator from the office of the Eco Benin association, in Cotonou, Benin.
A communication group was created for African members to interact.

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