ISTO Americas.

ISTO was first introduced to the Americas in 1994 and the section was legally established in 1996. It is tasked with the promotion and development of fair and sustainable tourism for all in South America, Central America, the Caribbean and North America.


Representatives of ISTO Americas travel regularly to support members in their social tourism initiatives and programmes, participate in their event, deliver training and speak at conferences.


ISTO Americas is in charge of promoting social, sustainable and solidarity tourism, building relationships between its members through various events (like the Social Tourism Encounter of the Americas) and numerous projects that foster and support the development of social policies for tourism in this vast continent.


In addition to coordinating the next ISTO World Congress in Peru in October 2020, ISTO Americas is working with members on the implementation of the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) amongst its members, the creation of indicators that will demonstrate the value of social tourism in the continent, and the development of holiday incentive schemes, particularly in Central America.


ISTO Americas has its own structure with a Board of Directors, composed of representatives of 7 members from 4 different countries of the Americas, and a General Assembly.

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