ISTO Americas.

ISTO was first introduced to the Americas in 1994 and the section was legally established in 1996. It is tasked with the promotion and development of fair and sustainable tourism for all in South America, Central America, the Caribbean and North America.

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Social tourism is, today more than ever, a principle and a solution for a global society burdened with bad tourism practices that destroy the environment, culture and society and that turn against humanity itself. The current challenge is a revival of the sector, which requires a reconversion: less tourism development and more development tourism.

Sergio RodriguezPresident of the Americas section

The Encuentro de las Américas de Turismo Social is an opportunity to exalt the union and diversity that characterise our territory; one that is united by its physiognomy and also by its spirit and warmth; and that although they spread and go in different directions, they share their origin and seek to achieve the same purposes.

Verónica GómezDirector of the Americas section






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Alberto D'aurea

Alberto d'Aurea


Francisca Retamal

Francesca Retamal


Vincent Bérubé

Vincent Bérubé


Gerardo Perez

Gerardo Perez


Leyla Solano

Leyla Solano


Oscar León

Oscar Léon


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Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit

For the sixth consecutive time, ISTO and in particular ISTO Americas will collaborate in the organisation of a new edition of this important event that promotes sustainability, solidarity and social responsibility, and that for the first time leaves its Cancun venue to arrive in the centre of the Mexican Republic, in the municipality of León in Guanajuato.


One of the main projects ISTO Americas is currently working on the collaboration with SITCA.


The section offers several activities, including CafecISTO, webinars offered by ISTO to all its members and to the tourism sector in general around the world. Discover all the recordings here.

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The dates for CafecISTO Americas are:
March 16 - Encuentro de las Américas (14:00 Montreal time)
May 18 (14:00 Montreal time)
September 21 (14:00 Montreal time)
November 23rd