ISTO Europe.

The section is responsible for the promotion and development of a fair and sustainable tourism for all in Europe.
Muriel Antoniotti

We are deeply convinced that sustainable tourism, contributing to the emergence of a "world citizen", generating a local, responsible economy, source of investment and sustainable employment, is possible.

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ISTO Europe Forum

  4, 5 & 6 October 2021 Lyon, France
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Guide on EU funding for tourism

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Social Policies of Tourism.

  • Strengthen and increase the European network around social tourism policies and its
    levers of action, including domestic tourism.
  • Identify existing good practices in terms of social policies in Europe to feed the Observatory set up by ISTO International.

Coordinator: Anabela Correia, Tourism Director at Fundaçao INATEL.

Youth Tourism.

  • Advocacy on Youth Tourism, mobility and leisure to the European authorities.
  • Extending the "Discover Europe" scheme.

Coordinator: Benoît César, General Secretary of Kaleo asbl.

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Advocacy & Development.

  • Strengthening the visibility and role of ISTO towards Europe (Institutions and other stakeholders).
  • Development of the network.

Coordinator: Gianluca Pastorelli, President of Diesis Network.


The purpose of ISTO Europe is to provide a forum for European members to share their views and experiences through meetings and participation in European projects.
This section pursues a strategy and carries out actions in areas such as:

  • Identify meaningful projects for the members, allowing to reinforce the strength of the group, to promote exchanges
    and in particular economic exchanges.
  • Determine the priority subjects, actions/experiments to be carried out (pragmatic think tank).
  • Collectively implement "fundable" projects starting in 2021.
  • Set an offensive action plan shared by everyone, for everyone!


One of the main projects ISTO Europe is currently working on is the implementation of the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) amongst ISTO members.

To help you to find the EU funding you need for your business among all EU programmes, the European Commission launches the Guide on EU funding for tourism.


The section offers several activities, including CafecISTO, webinars offered by ISTO to all its members and to the tourism sector in general around the world. Discover all the recordings here.


The European Forum to come, intended for ISTO members and partners in Europe, aims to facilitate exchanges and feed collective strategies. Two major themes will be on the programme for the 2021 edition: the first one on the notion of sustainable, responsible and virtuous tourist destination and the second one on the post-crisis period and the future for collective accommodations with the basic trends and lessons to be learned.

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