Alliance on Training and Research in Social and Fair Tourism.

ISTO Alliance.

The Alliance is a platform of academic institutions and scholars promoting research, the creation of new insights and training in the field of social and solidarity tourism.

Tourism is fundamental to the mental and physical health of individuals. Here you will find studies that demonstrate the impact of tourism on health and the impact of health on tourism.

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Working Group.

In 2010 ISTO created the Alliance on Training and Research in Social and Fair Tourism. One of the goals of the Alliance is to provide a platform for researchers active in the field of social tourism and promote scientific collaboration and exchange between researchers.

The Alliance is currently coordinated by Anya Diekmann, Professor at the Université libre de Bruxelles where she teaches in the master of Science in Tourism and Management.

Read the Alliance Regulatory Framework.


The Alliance has collaborated in the creation of the ISTO Virtual Library on the theme of Tourism for All, Sustainable and Solidarity.

This project is in constant evolution and will be accessible to members soon.

In addition, several members of the Alliance have contributed to various publications on this topic:


The Alliance actively participates in the development of themes debated during our events and feeds the discussions between our members, whether they are held face-to-face or remotely, such as the CafécISTO.



The Alliance offers colloquia on current topics and offers its services to any member who wishes to launch a study on a particular field. Each member of the Alliance is specialised in specific subjects, so do not hesitate to contact them directly!

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