Sustainable tourism is much more than being eco-responsible
15 Aug 2022

Sustainable tourism is much more than being eco-responsible.

The ISTO World Congress 2022 will be the event where tourism sustainability, especially its social component, will be the central theme. The Azores archipelago is the perfect place to meet, exchange and collaborate with other tourism professionals who understand sustainability's relevance.

Sustainable tourism has been widely discussed previously. However, the focus has been mainly on the economic and environmental pillars of the activity. This is why the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) has been focusing on the third component: social sustainability.

In this regard, thanks to the collaboration of the Azores Government, Turismo de Portugal and INATEL Foundation, the next ISTO World Congress will be held between 12-15 October in Ponta Delgada (Azores, Portugal).

The expertise of ISTO and its commitment to a fair and sustainable tourism for all will allow for the ISTO World Congress to become a meeting point for experts and professionals to keep moving forward on the social sustainability of the sector.

Sustainable tourism is a platform to contribute to the reduction of inequalities. This can be achieved through the implementation of policies and actions that promote inclusion, social justice, solidarity and redistribution of resources. All the tourism stakeholders have a key role to play.

During the Congress, the participants will have the opportunity to: explore and commit to different actions that will allow improving their sustainability performance; discuss alternative tourism models that provide more resilience for the destinations, the host communities and the workers; deepen their understanding of the role that the social and solidarity economy plays in the tourism sector; discuss the relationship between inclusion and social sustainability, and how to face its challenges.

While there is plenty of room to discuss, learn, co-create and exchange, the Congress will also provide opportunities to network with international participants and local organisations and professionals.

The tour included in the registration fee of the Congress will allow all participants to observe part of the natural wonders of São Miguel island and understand some of its economic activities. Considering that the Azores has many unique natural settings, it is more than recommended to take part in the optional tours offered.

Registrations have been running for the past months and participants will be joining the event from Africa, the Americas and Europe. ISTO is very glad to welcome them. For those who have not yet registered, we recommend to not waiting any longer as the preferential registration fees are valid until 2 September.

Do not hesitate to check all the available information on the website of the Congress.

See you very soon in the Azores!