Scott McCabe

Scott McCabe.

Overtourism, Policies, Research

United Kingdom

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Scott’s research primarily deals with tourist consumer behavior and tourist decision-making. More recently, his work has engaged debates in pro-social and pro-environmental tourism consumption, as well as responsible and ethical consumer behaviour. Scott is interested in the qualities of tourism experiences, and how experiences are designed and marketed. Since 2006, he has been working on a programme of research on the motivations, experiences and outcomes of holiday experiences for severely disadvantaged UK consumers. Working with a range of small and large charities, his research has helped to promote the concept of ‘social tourism’ in the UK, influencing policy and practice, raising public awareness and establishing a link between holidays and subjective well-being outcomes. His work on social tourism is recognised internationally, and he has collaborated with European and international colleagues to make the case for social inclusion through tourism.

Publications related to tourism (general)


Publications related to social tourism

    • Ferrer, J.G., Ferri, M., Ferrandis, E.D., McCabe, S. & Garcia, J.S. (2015). Social tourism and healthy aging. International Journal of Tourism Research, DOI: 10.1002/jtr.2048.