Recommendations on Digital Accessibility in Tourism
2 May 2022

Recommendations on Digital Accessibility in Tourism.

ISTO’s Working Group on Accessible Tourism releases its “Recommendations on Digital Accessibility in Tourism”.

After publishing recommendations adapted for people with disabilities within the framework of health measures of COVID-19, ISTO’s Working Group on Accessible Tourism representing 22 members from 13 countries, has the pleasure to announce the release of recommendations on digital accessibility.

As you may have noticed, many people with disabilities are looking for reliable and interesting information on websites to plan, and organize their leisure activities and holidays. Yet it is important that websites with specific information are as accessible as possible.

We hope that this document will give you areas to work on and improvements for professionals working in the tourism, leisure and transport sectors. These improvements will allow you to reach a larger number of clients looking for information on comfort (family, seniors with disabilities, etc.)

Members of ISTO can access the document here.

On 4 May, ISTO hosted a CafecISTO International to launch this document. You are invited to watch its recording: