Promotora de Integración y de Turismo Educativo Juvenil INTEJ

Promotora de Integración y de Turismo Educativo Juvenil INTEJ.

Disability, Youth


Holiday support organisation

INTEJ is a Peruvian non-profit association created in 1983 by a group of former university authorities and former student leaders who are aware of the importance of contributing to the integral formation of young people and projecting their development based on experience and knowledge of their environment, the country and the world. These experiences should generate values of sharing, critical spirit to innovate, entrepreneurship, respect for cultural diversity, ecology, integration, and value the importance of integration as a means and spaces of development. Such possibilities must be made without any limitation such as religious, racial, gender, economic, physical or other. INTEJ counts with the support of several international organizations that promote and facilitate mobility, integration and cultural and social projection among the youth of the world, sharing this philosophy with them, such as the International Student Identity Card Association, the International Organization of Social Tourism. INTEJ maintains cooperation links with important universities, institutes and schools in the country.