Hauweng Tourism for All Society

Hauweng Tourism for All Society.

Gender equity, Peace, Youth

South Africa

Holiday support organisation

We are a Social Tourism organisation aimed at promoting leisure and recreation in a way that bolsters and preserves our natural and cultural heritage, thus contributing to social cohesion and improving quality of life. We focus on leisure and recreation activities that are accessible and affordable to all, regardless of financial or physical circumstances. Through our programmes we support the development and growth of domestic, regional and intra-Africa tourism.
Through our efforts we aim to advance articles 24 and 27 of the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights and counter the impacts of the 1953 Reservation of Separate Amenities Act of the Republic of South Africa; and any other discriminatory laws and/or policies that were designed to preclude some sections of the society from traveling and enjoying the basic universal human right of rest and recreation, based on colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any other factor. In addition, we wish to realise the Freedom Charter for citizens to have the ability to travel freely here and abroad. Our efforts also aim at strengthening our Constitutional democracy by ensuring that, through our activities, we are a reflection of the values espoused in our Constitution ensuring that human dignity and equality advance through travel and tourism.