CafecISTO International: Tourism & Gender
22 Feb 2021

CafecISTO International: Tourism & Gender.

The second edition of CafecISTO International served as a platform for launching ISTO’s working group on Gender Equality and Diversity.

On February 17th, the second CafecISTO International took place online. This time, we had the participation of Iaia Pedemonte as coordinator of the working group on Gender Equity and Diversity, Carla Izacara Conde who is researcher at Alba Sud and Hannelore Akkermans from ViaVia Tourism Academy.

The speakers focused on the role of women in the tourism sector. With different narratives, but all in the same direction: we need to keep working towards equality in tourism.

Iaia Pedemonte presented the global issues that women face in the sector, and explained the lines of work that ISTO’s working group will have in the matter.

From her side, Carla Izcara Conde presented the results of her research in women employment in the sector, and its precarization and inequalities.

Hannelore Akkermans presented the stories of women empowerment in the tourism sector that has produced positive results not only for them, but also for their communities.

If you would like to have more information about the working group on Gender Equality and Diversity, click here.

Below you can watch the record of the CafecISTO International: Tourism & Gender.