Soluciones Turísticas Sostenibles STS

Soluciones Turísticas Sostenibles STS.




A consultancy company with a group of interdisciplinary professionals with a holistic and integral perspective, who articulate knowledge with the aim of resolving situations that hinder the development and implementation of sustainable tourism in the territories where it is or can be practised, and who seek to improve the quality of life of the populations they work with. The company's areas of activity are: destination organisation and management, organisational management, promotion, marketing and exchange of experiences and knowledge on successful cases. The populations we work with are institutions, local governments, the private sector, communities, indigenous, peasant and Afro-descendant organisations.
We design intervention proposals with a territorial approach for the creation of sustainable tourism development models, with the aim of positioning them as recognised destinations for tourists interested in the environment, culture and communities.
Specific objectives:
  • Promoting a planned and integrated development of tourism services and resources, with a territorial approach, in urban and rural communities with the participation of the public and private sectors;
  • Strengthening local capacities of tourism initiatives to improve local economic development;
  • Contributing to the positioning of tourist destinations by identifying and strengthening their attributes, focusing on the differentiating elements of their natural, cultural and historical heritage;
  • Sharing successful experiences of other projects and communities that have worked with an integrated approach in their tourist destinations.
  STS is part of Green Destinations, Biodiversity Partnership Mesoamerica, Comisión Mundial de Áreas Protegidas, Instituto Iberoamericano de Turismo (IBEROATUR), etc.