Serviço Social do Comércio – São Paulo SESC SP

Serviço Social do Comércio – São Paulo SESC SP.



The Social Tourism Programme is based upon four basic foundations: democratization of tourism access, social development of participants, education through tourism and education for tourism. The Programme educative action is ruled in the belief that educating the tourist in order to have more conscious and responsible actions can be seen as part of the global citizen education, as we don't let being what we are during our trips. The actions are developed through one day and visits the SESC Bertioga Leisure and Vacations Centre (a vacation centre that can accommodate 1,000 people/day at the same time, in Bertioga, a town near the sea), short, medium and long term excursions (meant to São Paulo state cities and other Brazilian states), one day tours (in the town or to nearby towns) and complementary activities (like talks, debates, workshops, courses, seminaries and meetings), gathering more than 76,000 people in 2004.