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Garima Voyage Travels and Tours.

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“Garima” in Nepali, means “dignity”. The fulfillment of this principle is a necessary condition if a community wants to be defined as healthy; this is exactly what people working at Garima Voyage want to achieve through their job. The opportunity to concretely contribute to the creation of social and economic value into the destination, enhancing the community well-being itself, makes our loyal customers happy to join us from year to year. They therefore claimed to be fascinated and intrigued by the peculiar feature that distinguishes our tour operator, that could be considered unorthodox in the tourism sector since it does not follow the industry standards. The latter remains anchored to a vision that does not seem to take into consideration the fate of the destination in the long run, the environment that surrounds it and the people living there.
Garima Voyage has developed along the years a touristic offer that conciliate the local population's needs and those of the tourists, proposing different activities such as organising events about outdoor sports and music, developing and tracking routes running across forests, beautiful agricultural terraces and typical mountain villages, promoting and driving high-altitude trekking and cooperating with many expert companies working in the sustainable tourism sector.