New partnership between ISTO and Tourisme Durable Québec (TDQ)
25 Aug 2021

New partnership between ISTO and Tourisme Durable Québec (TDQ).

Tourisme Durable Québec (TDQ) and the International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO) are very pleased to announce their partnership which will allow them to join forces in this common project: that of tourism at the service of people, communities, and territories!

Representing the interests of members in Quebec and joining those of ISTO members, this alliance aims at an important collaboration between the two organisations in order to reinforce good sustainable tourism practices in Quebec and around the world. This partnership aims to co-create actions that have a real impact and are meaningful to all those who have chosen tourism as a tool for sustainable development of their communities and territories. It is, indeed, an alliance to innovate!

Receiving the latest news and developments through the respective newsletters, invitations to activities and congresses, identifying and highlighting good practices, proposing joint actions, will be part of the exchanges from which the members of both organisations will benefit. All of this is because the best sustainable tourism practices are based on the existence of partnerships between the different tourism actors, collaborations that respect the environmental, economic, and social requirements of a sector that demands them and that must also respond to the tourists who demand real and authentic experiences.

To strengthen sustainable tourism, we need less competition and more alliances. This is the path on which this cooperation was born and it is the path on which we will continue with all our members.

To learn more about Tourisme Durable Québec, you can visit their official website.