European Tourism Convention
26 Oct 2020

European Tourism Convention.

ISTO participated in the European Tourism Convention held in October 12th.

The President of ISTO - Isabel Novoa - and the Director of the organisation - Charles-E. Bélanger - took part in the European Tourism Convention on October 12th, organised by the Tourism Commissioner - Thierry Breton. This event was organised in virtual mode and brought together more than 700 participants. It enabled the participants to meet in workshops to make proposals for action on three main topics: the creation of a safe and seamless tourism experience, greener holidays, and tourism powered by data.

In preparation for this initiative, the ministers responsible for tourism from the different EU Member States were invited to present their vision on two main questions: What are the main challenges for European tourism in the next 10-20 years? What investment priorities are necessary for the sustainable recovery and resilience of the EU tourism ecosystem?

This initiative is the first step towards a new European policy framework for tourism with common priorities to support investment, facilitate cooperation between Member States and mobilise the industry.

Charles-Etienne Bélanger - ISTO 26-10-2020