Contribution of SESC São Paulo
28 May 2020

Contribution of SESC São Paulo.

My greetings to those who attend virtually the International Social Tourism Week of Isto - International Social Tourism Organisation.

As a sociologist, cultural thinker and director of Sesc, Social Service of Commerce of São Paulo over the last 35 years, I would like to remind you that we can influence future developments in order to build a more ethical world. We have to believe that social inequality will disappear and tourism will be an instrument for good ideas to be shared.

Tourism after the reality of the coronavirus pandemic, in the view of Sesc SP can only be seen by its social bias, that is, in the exercise of knowing the other to better understand its environment, through the perceptions of the different, in the conquest of a dynamic and empathetic interpretation of the world. From now on, I believe, social tourism will join ecological tourism, tourism that seeks ancestry in simple ideas and in the most equitable way of relating to the environment, including in more urban routes. This is the only way for tourism to continue to happen, as the predatory and commercial visit is no longer a possible action for the planet. In this way, I would like to record my thanks for the opportunity to speak here and plant this provocation to those who continue to develop social tourism studies. In the hope of meeting you in more promising times, my strongest hug to all members of ISTO.

Danilo Santos de Miranda

Director of SESC São Paulo

Sabrina Urrutia - ISTO 28-05-2020