Working groups.

Four groups.

In order to best address the challenges, ISTO International has set up several units.

Alliance for Training and Research

The Alliance is a platform of academic institutions and scholars promoting research, the creation of new insights and training in the field of social and solidarity tourism.

Find academic publications by clicking here.

Formation ISTO - ULB Erasmus+
lancement commission politiques sociales avril 2019

Committee on social policies of tourism

The purpose of this international committee is to provide a forum for debate, interaction and proposals in order to enable public authorities and other relevant bodies to better understand existing mechanisms, to assess their strengths and weaknesses and to promote their use.

ISTO has begun research work on social policies of tourism in Europe and is currently focusing on the Americas.

Read our last activity report for more information.

Committee on Responsible and Fair Tourism

The purpose of this committee is to support the development of networks at the national level, advocate with public stakeholders, and exchange and disseminate best practices.

At the initiative of this committee, ISTO published in February 2020 the collection "Tourism as a development tool: 20 examples of responsible and fair tourism around the world".

Find its table of contents by clicking here and the entire publication here.

trade union

Trade Union Task Force

The Task Force fosters greater cooperation between trade unions on the right to holidays for all and on working conditions in the tourism sector.

The last contribution of the Task Force is the summary of the International Labour Organisation's guidelines on Decent Work and Socially Responsible Tourism.

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