Vacances Vivantes – Topvakantie AEP Group

Vacances Vivantes – Topvakantie AEP Group.




The AEP group is made up of the following non-profit associations: "Vacances Vivantes"(1977), "Top Vakantie"(1977) and "AEP Centre of Coordination and Services", as well as the public benefit Foundation "Active Education Partners" or "Fondation AEP" (2005). The latter puts property holdings for holidays of young people, schools and other associations at the AEP groups' disposal.
The AEP - Centre of Coordination and Services - is the logistic operator whose aim is to design, support, and carry out every social and educational action in the field of leisure and holidays for young people, families, schools and affinity groups. One of its departments also organises holidays for seniors: the Senior Department. Vacances Vivantes and Top Vakantie provide the supervision of young people on holidays as well as the training of youth activity leaders.