Fideicomiso Turismo Morelos

Fideicomiso Turismo Morelos.

Innovation, Policies


Local or regional government agency

The main activity of the Fideicomiso Turismo Morelos, FITUR Morelos, is to promote the State of Morelos in order to strengthen the tourism sector in the state, the national and the international markets.
Its main activities are:
  • Designing, producing and implementing digital and printed tourism promotion tools and campaigns (websites, social networks, videos, specialised media, magazines, brochures, catalogues, maps, branding, etc.).
  • Setting up and fitting tourist units to provide information as well as supporting and bringing assistance to tourists.
  • Entering into collaboration agreements and strategic alliances with agencies, entities, private initiative and academic institutions.
  • Providing technical and operative tools in the support of events’ realisation into tourism’s diverse segments and modalities in the state.
  • Attending and participating in fairs, events, festivals and exhibitions that take place both in Mexico and abroad.
  • Promoting the marketing of tourism’s offer through destination presentations, business meetings and familiarisation trips.