Consejo Intermunicipal Pro Turismo Morelos

Consejo Intermunicipal Pro Turismo Morelos.



CIT Morelos is a civil association composed of representatives of the tourism sector from 20 municipalities in the private sector, academia and civil society in the State of Morelos (Mexico). Its objectives include the promotion and development of tourism products and services; the creation of regional tourism products to strengthen tourism in the state; support for the identification of the tourism profile of municipalities; the development of business links to increase tourism flows, raising community awareness of the importance of tourism and its benefits, etc.
Among its merits, the CIT Morelos was awarded in 2012, the first prize at the international level for the tourism product "La Ruta de los Conventos de Morelos", granted by the FITUR (Feria Internacional de Turismo) in Madrid, Spain (NOTE: Mexico has won this prize only twice in its tourism history).