ISTO Awards 2022.

ISTO Awards 2022.

Opened at an international level, the ISTO Awards aim to recognise excellence in actions, projects, programs, initiatives and research recently carried out by ISTO’s members.

Inspiring the future of fair and sustainable Tourism for All

And the winners of the ISTO Awards 2022 are…


For this first edition, ISTO created three different categories for applications:

Public Authority Initiatives

Rewarding projects or initiatives from public authorities addressing immediate tourism's needs and issues with future consequences. This category leads to two distinctive awards:

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One for a National Public Authority Initiative, and one for a Regional and Local Public Authority Initiative. The goal is to celebrate excellence in making tourism accessible for as many people as possible by reducing or eliminating any kind of barrier they might encounter.

Social, Fair and Responsible Initiatives

Rewarding projects or initiatives aiming to promote a social, fair and responsible tourism sector. This category leads to two distinctive awards:

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One for Social Tourism, that is, recognising excellence in enabling access to tourism for all, guaranteeing equal opportunities for everyone, and ensuring the well-being of communities, and one for Responsible, Fair and Community-based Tourism, rewarding excellence in projects, initiatives or actions aiming to improve sustainable tourism. This includes protecting cultural and natural heritage and promoting local communities’ wellbeing.

Academy and Research

Rewarding outstanding tourism research from members of ISTO’s Alliance for Training and Research and other ISTO members.

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This category aims to highlight creative and innovative approaches – specifically systematic, quantitative, and qualitative processes analysing, proposing, and promoting best practices on environmental issues, solidarity, accessibility, fair business, and quality of life in the field of tourism for all.

Award for a non-ISTO Member organisation

ISTO wishes to discover and highlight inspiring solutions in the field of fair and responsible tourism for all. Thus, one additional award will be delivered to an organisation that is not an ISTO member.

National, regional, and local authorities, as well as tourism organisations, are encouraged to apply by submitting either a public authority initiative or a Social, Fair and Responsible initiative.

However, non-members will not have the opportunity to apply to the Academy and Research category.

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