We need to talk about gender equality in tourism
19 Dec 2019

We need to talk about gender equality in tourism.

As far as history can remember, gender equality has always been a struggle in the world. Today, all societies are still facing this issue, some more than others. The tourism industry is unfortunately no exception. This is why ISTO has decided to make gender equality one of its priorities.

Working to re-shape its DNA in a modern way, ISTO has identified gender equality to be a main concern in fair business and inclusion. As part of the tourism industry, men and women should have the right to fair working conditions, opportunities and wages. On the other hand, as tourists, men and women should enjoy the same access to touristic destinations and leisure activities. ISTO wishes to continue the work on Gender equality in order to provide useful information and suggestions to fight inequality. In this context, ISTO was happy to share a survey launched by the « Gender Responsible Tourism » platform. The goal ? "To ensure that women entrepreneurs in tourism have voices that are heard: your voices! We want to impact on services so that policies and studies reflect your needs.
Sabrina Urrutia - ISTO 19-12-2019