Contribution de la Russian International Academy for Tourism – RIAT
2 Juin 2020

Contribution de la Russian International Academy for Tourism - RIAT.

The Russian International Academy of Tourism (RIAT) with great enthusiasm decided to participate in the Week of Fair and Sustainable Tourism for All.

Most branches of the Academy and its various structures hold round tables or conferences on the theme of the Week. Due to the situation that has arisen in connection with the spread of coronavirus, all these activities are carried out in online conferences. Below we give more detailed information about the events held in Moscow and Kazan. 11th International Scientific School of Postgraduate Students and Young Scientists «Innovations in the Development of Tourism, Professional Tourism Education and Municipal Governance” was dedicated to this topic.

Panel discussion on the topic “The role of education system in promotion of social tourism and sustainable development principles” took place on 2 June 2020 in Moscow in the framework of E-week of Fair and Sustainable Tourism for All supported by International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO).

More than 30 researchers from the field of education and tourism and also students learning tourism and hospitality participated in the work of the Panel discussion. This Panel discussion was held at the site of the Moscow branch of RIAT

Panel discussion was opened by Prof. Evgeny Trofimov – RIAT Rector, Board member of ISTO. His video-presentation was related to modern international principles of Fair and Sustainable Tourism and great work carried out by Russian International Academy for Tourism in this area.

Sokolov Alexander (RIAT Vice-rector, Director of RIAT Moscow Branch) and Rassokhina Tatyana (Dean of the Hospitality and Tourism industry department of RIAT Moscow Branch, Head of Sustainable Development of Tourist Destinations Research Laboratory of RIAT Moscow Branch) – moderators – presented the results of Russian students research from different universities on the following topic: “Creation of fair tourism and sustainable development principles in the educational process”.

Results showed that students want to study Social Tourism and Sustainable Development issues because they consider this topic important for them. There is also a problem that only 30 % of students are poorly concerned in these issues.

Leading Russian experts – Shchegoltsev Yuriy (CEO of Small Historic Cities Development Fund – Non-profit organization) and Kharitonova Oyuna (Project manager for ecological tourism of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives of the Russian Federation) – were invited into discussion of social, therapeutic, ecological, patriotic tourism models, models of tourism for children and others kinds of tourism based on the principles of social justice and sustainable development in the Russian Federation.

They presented the programs realizing by their organizations to support local communities in small towns and natural areas. They expressed their ideas concerning professors community and students, they also identified areas for further common research and practical work.

As professors play a great role in promoting principles of Fair Tourism and Sustainable Development then Lyapuntseva Elena (Chairman of “League of High School Professors”) and Belozerova Yulia (Vice-chairman) presented social organization projects that unite professors from different universities in Russia and work that improve teachers’ social status. The decision on including professors’ activities issues into the field of promoting principles of sustainable development was taken during the Panel Discussion. Aims of sustainable development will be also included into preparing Studying Guide for professors from different universities.

In conclusion of the Panel Discussion Mr. Sokolov Alexander summarized the discussion and paid attention to important role of social and sustainable tourism in overcoming crisis caused by pandemic COVID-19.

Participants also developed recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of educational system to promote principles of Social Tourism and Sustainable Development.

We inform you the program of the panel discussions that took place in the city of Kazan

Agenda - Tourist and sightseeing areas accessibility for different groups of people

1.Government regulations and support of tourism social infrastructure in Russia. (Mr. Ivanov S.E., Chairman of the State Committee PT on Tourism).

2. RIAT Students presentation of research results on the following topic: Research of the infrastructure accessibility of sightseeing areas in the Republic of Tatarstan for disabled tourists (2019). (Mrs. Biryaltseva A.R., - RIAT Kazan branch Associate Professor).

3.Specific aspects of touristic areas development for people with hearing disabilities. Presentation of developed routs. (Mrs. Nuzhina T.N. – Activist from “Deaf community PT”, Mrs. Biryaltseva A.R.).

4. Usage of technology opportunities (virtual excursions, visualization of architectural objects with use of 3D modeling and etc.) as a way of touristic organization activity in the current conditions. (Mrs. Torkunova Y.V. – Deputy Director RIAT Kazan branch).

5. Ecological tourism as a kind of social tourism. (Mrs. Andrianova Y.E. – Head of Kazan Branch RIAT department).

Evgenij Trofimov - RIAT

Evgenij Trofimov

Recteur de la RIAT

Sabrina Urrutia - ISTO 02-06-2020