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With our new format In the spothlight get to know our members. They will share with us their stories, the stories of their organisations and the challenges of tourism for all.

Grupo Novojet

Travellers, clients, and tourism operators alike, especially when travelling or transferring clients abroad, need this foundation of trust. I think that a partnership with ISTO would allow us to better assist and maybe even monitor this dialogue.


Fundación Calidad de Vida para Personas con Cáncer FUNCAVIDA


In 2015, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute defined us as pioneers of social tourism. We're developing a health tourism focused on general well-being and, in this sense, we’re individually developing collective rights.

Agence Nationale pour les Chèques-Vacances ANCV

Knowing what other countries and regions do is an important and efficient source of ideas in supporting public policies. This is why we have been an ISTO member and partner for many years now.


We are very happy with our collaboration with ISTO and hope to continue it for a long, long time, finding more people to share these dreams, these visions that we have together with the whole of Latin America and, of course, with the whole world.

Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo Sustentable CIDES

We need to transform the needs of those people working in the fields of social tourism, sustainable tourism, rural tourism and ecotourism into study programs. They force us, teachers and researchers, to adapt these needs and not only adapt them but also apply them.



Logo TourCert

Covid is only one of the big waves we have to deal with. What comes after Covid, it's climate change, recession, loss of biodiversity. And that's something we can't solve alone. So we need cooperation, we need networks, we need somehow platforms to exchange knowledge, best practises, to help each other. Coo-petition, cooperation and competition at the same time.

Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances

It is always extremely interesting to meet our counterparts from Europe, Latin America and Canada; to see what systems have been put in place and how we can perhaps better share the lessons that work in certain countries. There will always be, I think, this role of exchange and sharing of experiences.

Logo Ministère français Economie et Finances

Associazione italiana Cultura Sport AICS

We believe that through the cooperation of ISTO we can engage ISTO members and their young people to create a platform, a new platform for the future of tourism.

Magical Getaway Foundation

But the impacts of COVID-19, the demand is extremely high now in terms of first ever holidays and getaways due to the increase in August in domestic violence and mental health issues and job losses.

Logo Magicalgetawayfoundation


Mountains 4 All logo

Now people have been discovering all sorts of experiences and activities that they've had, which they've never been able to use before, because they've always been focused on promoting or marketing a particular product. And now, I think the destinations and tourism, the tour operators, travel companies, can really step up and take far more responsibility for what they are offering rather than leaving it up to the visitor to try and make those choices.

Conseil Québécois du Loisir

Can we still consider tourism in the same way? We have a lot of work to do to raise awareness and educate people about tourism that respects communities and the environment.



I believe that the social perspective on disability must change. It is necessary to talk about accessibility precisely because it is society itself that has created these barriers.

Vision Solidaire

The real purpose of the travel is the human encounter.

logo Vision Solidaire International


Logo Legacoop

I believe that the tourism of the future will be responsible and sustainable or it won't be.

SESC São Paulo

Tourism is not only a source of income for the stakeholders of the sector, it must be considered as a real engine of education and solidarity.

Vacances Léo Lagrange

Logo vacances leo lagrange

Compared with commercial tourism, social tourism has not occupied its rightful place in the minds of tourists, operators and institutions in recent years. However, this tourism that we defend has never been as relevant, as innovative as it is today.