Vacances ULVF

Vacances ULVF.



The association Vacances ULVF is an adventure that began 40 years ago from a generous and supportive ideas. Today, Vacances ULVF is a strong actor in Social Tourism with 18 holiday centres. Their know-how is to sell stays (for groups or individuals) in one of these centres: comfortably furnished rooms, Bengalis, wooden chalets, Mobile-Home near the Atlantic Sea, camping's. ULVF Vacances has 150 employees in full time equivalent, more than 400 employees are yearly employed in one of their structures. They are all ambassadors of the ULVF brand, and their role is to put their unique expertise into a human and professional relationship with the clients. Vacances ULVF aims to develop and sustain a quality tourism, accessible to the greatest number of people, with a non-profit purpose. For them, tourism is a factor of integration, with the heart of this process of individual and collective fulfillment. Social tourism for them is about the right to leisure and holiday and goes together with the right to work.