UFR ESTHUA – Université d’Angers

UFR ESTHUA – Université d’Angers.

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The IMIS-ESTHUA, now I.T.B.S - Ingénierie du Tourisme, du Bâtiment et des Services de l'Université d'Angers - is a faculty of the University of Angers. It has been specialized in Higher and Professional Education. They offer different degree programmes, organized in four department (programmes in French) such as Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Art Management, Culture and Heritage Management, Social and person-to-person Services Management and Safety and Security Management at every level. It receives every year 2200 students from over 55 nationalities. Research and works carry on the dynamics of tourist activity and activities closely linked to tourism (culture, heritage) or on the comparison and confrontation as part of the area of services. Three main dimensions orientate the research, namely the spacial dimension, the socio-economical dimension and the thematic dimension. Among trainings given by ESTHUA, you have a Licence pro Concepteur and accompanist in ecotourism, a Master pro Management In tourism and Leisure, a Master pro Council in territorial development, a Magisterium in Tourism etc. The university works hard on the internationalization obligating the students to accomplish a semester of training period or study abroad, by according a double title and through numerous international agreements in Europe, China and Australia.