The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth.

Culture, Families, Heritage


Tourism operator

Based in Guatemala since 2018, The Labyrinth is a tour operator of responsible and community tourism that promotes travel experiences based on the values and principles of indigenous peoples and local communities in Guatemala and Mexico, contributing to the processes of self-determination of communities through tourism.
The tourist activities we carry out have been created so that local people can correct, expand and rewrite their history through moments of dialogue in which the tourist receives information about the social reality, culture, history, politics and spirit of the territory. We also value the gastronomic, musical, agroforestry, artisanal and cultural aspects.
Approximately 65% of the cost of our tours is for the direct benefit of the communities, a benefit that is not only economic, our tourism is social, ethical and conscious, and is designed to develop an intercultural dialogue between tourists and locals, favouring peace, friendship and equal participation.For us, tourism is also a tool in the fight against poverty, and we do this in a concrete way by giving work to people living in poverty and extreme poverty.
Between Guatemala and Mexico (Chiapas) we represent 100 families and we carry out about 50 activities, located in Guatemala and Mexico. We offer community accommodation (families), and in small structures run by locals and of an ecological type. Our clients come mainly from Italy and Canada, but we have received groups from France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States.
The activities we carry out can be organised into 5 macro-areas of action:
  • Responsible and community-based tourism itineraries;
  • Accessible tourism;
  • International school tourism;
  • Itinerant social photography workshop;
  • Consultations on the development of responsible and community tourism projects in agroforestry areas and indigenous communities.