Raija Komppula

Raija Komppula.

Research, Seniors


Academic institution


Professor of Tourism Business. Fields of interest include social Tourism, tourist behavior, entrepreneurship in Tourism, Tourism marketing.

Publications related to social tourism

    • Komppula, Raija and Vento, Elli (forthcoming 2020). Challenges and opportunities for development of social tourism in Finland. In Lima, J. & Eusébio, C. (eds), Social Tourism: Different challenges and approaches around the world, CABI.
    • Vento, Elli and Komppula, Raija (forthcoming 2020). Social tourism practices and implementation in Finland in Anya Diekman & Scott McCabe (eds.) Handbook on Social Tourism. Elgar Publishers.
    • Ilves Riikka and Komppula Raija 2013. Activities as a component of a Social Tourism Holiday Experience.In Melanie Smith, Laszlo Puczko (Eds.), Health and Wellness Tourism. Wellness, Spas and Medical Tourism. 2nd Edition. Routledge. pp. 403-406.
    • Komppula Raija and Konu Henna 2012. Do Wellbeing Tourists Expect Memorable Experiences? In: Metin Kozak & Nazmi Kozak (eds.): Proceedings Book of 6th World Conference for Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure. Anatolia: Ankara, pp. 462-474.