Ilunion Accesibilidad

Ilunion Accesibilidad.

Accessibility, Disability, Inclusion, Innovation, Services, Tourism



ILUNION aims to create a better world in which everyone is included. It has an innovative and transformative purpose that appeals to its responsibility as a company and with which it seeks to have a multiplying effect: to demonstrate that economic and social profitability is possible and to extend its model to other countries and companies.
Their commitment is to generate social value by making the business a profitable model from a social and economic point of view. People, transformation, excellence and sustainability are at the core of its growth in very diverse sectors of the economy, where efficiency and employment creation for everyone are the key to contributing to the success and transformation of its clients.
ILUNION is part of the ONCE Social Group, the world's largest generator of social services for people with disabilities. The ONCE Social Group is currently employing 72,000 workers, 59% of whom are people with disabilities. It is also the fourth largest employer in Spain. The other two entities in the Group are ONCE and Fundación ONCE.
It is the largest company specializing in accessibility, with the clear objective of accompanying its clients in their transformation by incorporating 360º universal accessibility. Providing auditing, consultancy, management and implementation services related to accessibility in both digital and physical environments, by transforming environments and processes to promote equal opportunities for everyone.