Culture, Heritage



ANTSO RE (Received call in Malagasy) is a tourism network based in Madagascar, which is active in seeking solutions to the hardships humans experience and the problems related to nature. Therefore, ANTSO RE is a platform, which allows responsible tourism actors to exchange and brings together organisations that aspire to set up a tourist activity which, combining quality services, exchanges and authentic encounters, helps the development of territories and communities. ANTSO RE's want to develop a system allowing them to recognise the different stakeholders' actions to promote tourist products complying with a charter based on three main values:
  • The respect of environment;
  • Valorisation of the Malagasy cultural and natural heritage;
  • Support for local development.
The implementation of these principles should reduce the negative impacts caused by the passage of tourists, which encompass harmful effects on the landscape, nature, monuments, or on the the local population behaviour. It also aims to increase the positive impacts on the Malagasy culture through healthy encounters that promote the quality of tourists reception and the improvement of the local population's standard of living. The fight against the scourges of tourism plays a non-negligible role on this subject.