Second meeting in the framework of AJ17 and Saintlo’s international cooperation project with ISTO Americas’ support
21 Mar 2023

Second meeting in the framework of AJ17 and Saintlo’s international cooperation project with ISTO Americas’ support.

ISTO Americas’ director, Verónica Gómez, engaged in an event in La Rochelle within the framework of the Quebec-France cooperation project from 13 to 19 March, almost five months after the last face-to-face meeting in Quebec.

The week was full of exchanges of experience, beginning with a welcome reception at La Rochelle youth hostel, where various members of the two delegations (Saintlo and Auberges de jeunesse 17 de Charente-Maritime) met to continue the process initiated with the French delegation’s visit to Quebec last October.

Numerous conversations took place during this week such as the importance of networking through ISTO for members, the launch of Saintlo’s new brand that was at the centre of the talks as well as the opening of the Ottawa youth hostel and the launch of its Foundation. As for AJ17, a presentation of their strategic reorganisation through the “Local Activity Scheme” was given to the participants.

After a busy first day, the road took the delegations to visit the hostels in Saintes and Rochefort where three concepts emerged from these two visits:

  • Exchange with the teams
  • Discovery
  • Mutualisation

Then, various group works were organised according to a strategic or operational approach, addressing topics such as the use of digital, communication within youth hostels and the use of social networks.

The programme continued with a visit to the island of Ré and afterwards, a convivial discussion evening between partners took place to meet local AJ17 partners. This was followed by a series of strategic and operational workshops which addressed several topics such as different approaches and similarities, ethical yield management and the co-construction of actions and activities between networks.

In conclusion, a working week where the different participants from both delegations got to know each other more and more, allows a better synergy and promises an increasingly interesting working dynamic between all the organisations. As the saying goes: “Alone we go faster. Together we go further!”

The collaboration and these moments of sharing are far from over as a next meeting could be set up very soon…

ISTO Americas would like to thank all the participants and partners for this wonderful international meeting!