Message from ISTO concerning the conflict in Ukraine
28 Feb 2022

Message from ISTO concerning the conflict in Ukraine.

The International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) expresses its support and calls for solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Here at ISTO, we wholeheartedly support the people of Ukraine, who are suffering as a result of the conflict unfolding in their country. ISTO calls on its members to extend their support and solidarity to victims and their loved ones.

At ISTO, we are convinced that achieving peace, as soon as humanly possible, is essential. No more losses should have to be suffered.

Finally, ISTO will always work towards a humanist, social vision of tourism - a tourism that functions as a “driver of sustainable development, bridging the gap between peoples, fostering dialogue among cultures and religions, in order to contribute to world peace.”

Sabrina Urrutia - ISTO 28-02-2022