ISTO Awards: 50 applications representing more than 20 countries!
26 Jul 2022

ISTO Awards: 50 applications representing more than 20 countries!.

With success, on 25 July, the applications for the ISTO Awards 2022 were closed, receiving about 50 submissions.

About 50 organisations and researchers from 23 different countries submitted their applications to the ISTO Awards 2022 with the goal to inspire the tourism sector for a fair and sustainable tourism for all.

Members and non-members of the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) wish to share their initiatives with the world. They applied to one of the three categories available for this edition of the ISTO Awards: Public Authority Initiatives, Social, Fair and Responsible Initiatives, and Academy & Research.

Now begins the evaluation process, which will be carried out by experts in the field of fair and sustainable tourism for all. With their knowledge and experience, the most inspiring initiatives will be chosen.

The winners will be selected based on a set of characteristics, which include: compliance with ISTO’s DNA, innovation, impact, scalability and replicability. The Awards Ceremony will be held in Ponta Delgada, Azores (Portugal) during the next ISTO World Congress, taking place from 12 to 15 October.

Stay tuned to ISTO’s website and social media to get the latest news on the ISTO Awards and World Congress 2022.