Contribution of Ethic Etapes
29 May 2020

Contribution of Ethic Etapes.

The ethic étapes network, a voluntary union of social and solidarity tourism for more than 40 years, wishes to convey a positive and optimistic message on the occasion of this E-Week of Fair and Sustainable Tourism for All.

The Covid-19 global crisis is plunging us into unprecedented uncertainty. What future for our often fragile organisations? How can we recover from such an ordeal ? We will certainly take a hit, but we will remain on our feet. What will guide our resistance, what will be our strength, our support, our guardians, will be our convictions.

Because yes, we are convinced, and we will remain convinced. Convinced of the power of those values that have sustained us for decades. In the media, on social networks, we hear that a return to the essential is necessary, indispensable, like a breath of fresh air.

This return to basics will be possible thanks to organisations such as ours, which advocate a simple, friendly, authentic hospitality... Holidays for all is indeed the nectar of this essentiality that we all need, tourism professionals but also customers, families, groups, young and old.

It is up to us today to make the most of this crisis, and to make our commitment shine. Let us make this crisis a springboard for our speeches and our convictions, let us make this crisis an opportunity to make our united and unanimous voice heard.

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