Culture, Heritage

South Africa


CULINARY STORY-TELLING TOURISTS’ EXPERIENCE: It is a unique interactive traditional food and drinks experience. Guests are Welcomed Drinks with the traditional homemade non-alcoholic ginger beer, ‘Gemere’. A recipe that was handed to Eunice by her late mother.
After an eventful evening, the guests get to take home a signed copy of the book SOUTH AFRICAN CULINARY HERITAGE. The dinner entails some of the recipes in the book which include local and indigenous ingredients. The food is paired with indigenous South African wines. This book, is about local food history and traditions interlaced with family conversations. It illustrates the culinary diversity of Southern African cuisine and some neighboring countries, comparing the similarities and unique palatable heritages thereof. Written in a conversational st le, the book is a handy culinary compilation which will bestow the reader with explorations regarding local African lifestyle history, art, clothing, music and perhaps even some song and dance. The recipes were handed down and collected over a period of time that I spent with my mother in Moletsane Soweto just before her passing. For tourists visiting these African countries – possessing a diversity of ethnic cultures, it is a worthy read regarding heritage and of course African cuisine. A guide which should be included in any tourist’s travel pack and families.
FAMILY HERITAGE LUNCH: The rules of talking sincerely to one another are disappearing - especially talking about problems in the family. As adults, our children should see us resolving matters through family discussions - especially around the dinner table. We must demonstrate it to them when we are eating together. By breaking bread we are establishing peace in the home. Our children must be taught to resolve conflict by guidance from their elders. As we reconstruct our nation, we have to go back to the core - the bonding of family. We must each find our own answer to these burning questions: What can we do to heal our families? What will be most rewarding and yield the highest rate of enrichment to our lives? How will our legacy to our future generations be measured? These weekly Healing Conversations hosted by Eunice Molefe can assist the family’s journey back to healthy conversations.