Accessibility, Associations, Best practices, Disability +5
1 April 2023
Tourisme accessible - Le magazine de l'Association Tourisme & Handicaps - N°10
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Accessibility, Barriers, Benefits, Disability +7
18 March 2023
Needs, motivations, constraints and benefits of people with disabilities participating in tourism activities: the view of formal caregivers
Accessibility, Disability, Rural, Seniors +5
24 February 2023
Enabling a sustainable rural-tourism: The challenge of accessibility
Accessibility, Disability, Inclusion, Tourism +1
1 February 2023
Propuesta de desarrollo de turismo accesible para el destino Santa Clara
Accessibility, Barriers, Benefits, Disability +5
31 January 2023
Disability Inclusion in Diving Tourism: Perspectives from the Industry in South Africa
Accessibility, Barriers, Disability, Research +3
30 January 2023
The “unseen” tourism: Travel experience of people with visual impairment
Accessibility, Best practices, Disability, Inclusion +4
18 January 2023
Social Tourism and People with Disabilities: Best practices exchange - CafecISTO Europe
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Accessibility, Barriers, Disability, Research +4
10 January 2023
Assessment of barriers for people with disability to enjoy national parks
Accommodation, Disability, Inclusion, Research +3
9 January 2023
Accounting for disability and work inclusion in tourism
Benefits, Disability, Health, Mobility +4
28 December 2022
Influence of Psychological Factors on Participation and Life Satisfaction in the Context of Travel and Tourism after Spinal Cord Injury
Accessibility, Accommodation, Data, Disability +2
9 December 2022
Contributions of people with disabilities to the research on the intellectual structure of the hospitality and tourism literature
Accessibility, Disability, Inclusion, Mobility +4
9 November 2022
Accessible Tourism and Formal Planning: Current State of Istria County in Croatia
Disability, Economy, Gender equity, Inequalities +4
8 November 2022
Tourism and SDG 5: Reflections on the Nexus Between Gender and Disability in the Hospitality Industry
Disability, Employment, Gender equity, Inclusion +3
8 November 2022
Gender Equality and Disability Inclusion in Tourism Employment in Namibia
Disability, Economy, Fair Business, Gender equity +5
8 November 2022
COVID-19, Informal Tourism Businesses, and the Livelihoods of Women with Disabilities in a Destination with Challenges
Community-based tourism, Disability, Gender equity, Inclusion +3
8 November 2022
Gender and Disability Inclusion Challenges Within Community-Based Tourism in Africa
Disability, Disadvantaged social groups, Employment, Gender equity +6
8 November 2022
Empowerment of Women with Disabilities in the Tourism Sector in Zimbabwe: A Review of Policies and Laws
Barriers, Disability, Health, Inclusion +3
25 August 2022
Travelling from Perspective of Persons with Disability: Results of an International Survey
Disability, Research, Tourism
28 July 2022
The impact of volunteer interaction on the tourism experience of people with visual impairment based on a mixed approach
Accessibility, Best practices, Disability, Tourism +2
26 July 2022
La gestión del turismo accesible. Un enfoque social de la teoria a la prácitca
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