World Congress 2022 – Opening session
22 Sep 2022

World Congress 2022 - Opening session.

Speeches including representatives from Azores Regional Government, Turismo de Portugal, INATEL Foundation, international institutions and ISTO.

Thursday 13 October | 9:30

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Francisco Madelino

President of Fundação INATEL

Francisco is Economist and Professor at ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon, in the areas of Economic Theory, Portuguese and European Economy, Tourism and Social Economy, and President of the General Council of the IPS ( Santarém Polytechnic Institute).

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President of the Board of Directors of INATEL Foundation since 25 January 2016. Researcher, and consultant, with several works performed and published, in the areas of employment, professional development, macroeconomics, sectoral economy, social economy and local economy, social security and public administration, all of them performed in the sphere of his work at ISCTE and Research Centres DINAMIA (Centre for Socio-economic Change Studies) and PROACT (Unit for Research and Support for Local Development) and the Space and Development consultant.

Isabel Novoa

ISTO President

Senior Business Leader and Strategic Business Innovation Specialist.

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leading the end-to-end delivery of cultural, operational and digital transformation projects in global, customer-focused businesses. President of the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO), also Deputy General Manager of Novojet Group, a leading social tourism Chilean tour operator.

José Manuel Bolieiro

President of the Azores Regional Government
Sabrina Urrutia - ISTO 22-09-2022