15 Nov 2021

4th International Congress on Technology and Tourism for Diversity.

Date 15/11/2021 - 19/11/2021
From 15 to 19 November this year, the 4th International Congress on Technology and Tourism for Diversity will take place in a virtual format. ONCE Foundation considers it an opportunity for business people, entrepreneurs, students, trainers, users, etc, to share and learn about best practices, new ideas, new perspectives, solutions and the advances that technology, smart destinations and support products offer to improve the quality of life of all people. The capacity for adaptation, resilience, companies, training curricula, etc., will be enriched if it includes accessibility, as it will be a competitive advantage, offering a quality that others do not have. The format of this Congress will be entirely virtual to adapt to the post-pandemic situation.

The Congress agenda is open to all proposals related to the following areas and topics:

  • Communication
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Support Products
  • ICT-supported health
  • Technologies for personal autonomy
  • Data and Artificial Intelligence for New and Better Services
  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
  • Accessibility in digital leisure and culture
  • Accessible video games, improved leisure, training and employability skills
  • Accessible learning and collaboration
  • Transport and Mobility for Diversity
  • Smart Cities and Destinations
  • Accessible Tourism
  • Technology and tourism regulations and standards
  • Accessibility in accommodation
  • Tourist activities for everyone
  • Tourism businesses for everyone
  • Accessibility of tourist information
  • Barriers and opportunities as a result of COVID-19
Find out more information about the Congress here.